What is Meditative Contemplation?

Words – Thoughts – Breath – And Nurturing Our Souls

The sayings of my mouth

And the meditation of my heart

Are powerful

Leading either to lies or to truth,

To darkness or to light,

To death or to life.

It’s taken me a long time to understand and appreciate this.

When the sayings of our mouth and the meditation of our heart are grounded upon and flow from God’s living Word, they are infused with the healing and life-changing power of Love and Grace and Fellowship.

From Meditation to Contemplation

I had such a twisted perception of who God is, and what he’s like, and what he expects of me that I needed intensive personal study of the Bible to correct my warped thinking. I’ve looked for a big picture view of the Bible’s story from Genesis to The Revelation, seeking to understand how each part fits into the whole. I find connecting the dots fascinating. And I find paradox everywhere, so that I must study from a both/and perspective rather than either/or.

Puzzling over things that made no sense in my reading, caused me to dig deeper, to understand the meanings of words. The words and thoughts that I struggled to understand, I held in my mind and on my tongue for days and weeks at a time, and the Lord God seems to graciously provide answers eventually. I’ve developed an overwhelming awe for the Lord God and his ways and means of saving the whole world.

Meditating on God’s word just naturally led me into contemplation.

Contemplation is simply nurturing my soul by giving it undivided attention. My soul receives undivided attention when I set aside judgments, emotions, thoughts, and activity to be still and silent.  To be immersed in the breath of the Almighty. Waiting to receive and become familiar with my constant companions, Grace, Love, Fellowship.

I incorporate physical breathing into my meditation, simply because it aids in my connection and understanding of soul/spirit in relation to body and mind. As I inhale and exhale physically, I can also experience the breath of the Almighty, the spirit in me, that makes me understand spiritual things, giving me refreshing, renewing breath that I gratefully return to him. Breathing in and out. In and out. In and out. Receiving and giving back. Breath. Life. Love.

Many suggest a minimum of twenty minutes of silence, of concentrated focus on nurturing your soul. However long you choose, just don’t make it a chore!

Each of the meditative blogs I suggest are also included at the end of each study blog. If you don’t want to work down through the study to get to the meditation, you can find just the meditation/contemplation portion here.

If you decide to try my style of meditation/contemplation, I pray that you will encounter the breath of the Almighty and that your weary soul will be satisfied, and your languishing soul will be replenished.

God bless,





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